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Hololoot and Synapse To Revolutionalize the Metaverse.

The Synapse Network partners with Hololoot for funding and core development efforts in crucial infrastructural building phases.

Platform allocation

175 000 $





The Synapse Network partners with Hololoot for funding and core development efforts in crucial infrastructural building phases. 


The Hololoot ecosystem goes to fill a precise market gap that has incredible potential for worldwide development. By creating a multi-purpose tool for Metaverse and AR NFT generation, Hololoot capitalizes early on on the combination of powerful DeFi technology with the widespread availability of mobile devices.


 The interoperability and interconnectivity provided by the Hololoops ecosystem target a global market primed and ready to utilize its tools. Synapse funding and infrastructural aid will be crucial to ensure the best possible development solutions are implemented and to ensure smooth, capillary adoption. 


With Hololoot’s ability to target such a valuable niche, the main challenges will be all infrastructural ones. The technology needed to ensure that all the interconnective and interoperable features will need to be foolproof and customer friendly. With the many integrations necessary to bring the full potential of Hololoot to bear, a smooth and successfull launch of each feature is also one of the imperatives of the project.


Create the best possible environment for core and tech building by starting to develop the necessary features with Synapse Tech labs providing the base technology for cross-chain interconnectivity, Metaverse Integration, Staking and Vesting Solution.


The Synapse VC Fund fueling the initial growth phases, coupled with the Synapse Launchpad supplementing additional funding will cover all the bases to reach a smooth adoption of the Hololoot products in the targeted markets. 


Hololoot brings to bear an amazing product, already primed to succeed in a market gap that is ready to be bridged by their all-encompassing reach. With the Synapse Network’s ability to easily connect with the Asian, European and American DeFi ecospheres, capillary adoption isn’t a far target to aim for. 


The majority of the focus will be put on the core development of Hololoot NFT features and in the interoperability of their product with the existing frameworks currently on the market, as well as ensuring flexibility in those features to cover for up-and-coming infrastructural changes of the target eco-sphere as a whole. 


With the Synapse VC providing the necessary support to ensure that all the initial goals are reached, and with Synapse’s Launchpad $175 K Public sale covering the following period of rapid growth, Hololoot has already successfully removed two obstacles that would have slowed down development considerably. 


And with the Synapse Tech labs collaboration, the development of state-of-the-art technology features to support Hololoot’s vision is an easily reachable goal, with powerful cross-chain interoperability already accounted for, vesting, staking and tokenomics features polished by the two teams working together, and with Synapse Advisory support ensuring that all the medium and long term goals are achieved through the same standards of quality previously shown by the two projects collaboration. 


Synapse will help Hololoot lay a solid foundation for their far-reaching ecosystem, with multi-layered, customized solutions to perfectly suit the needs of the project, as well as sizable direct contributions to core building and development efforts.