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Nitrox Racing and Synapse collaboration brings a loved gaming genre to the Metaverse.

It’s not often that the combination of two ecosystems is so revolutionary as what we are seeing with the merging of the Metaverse with the gaming world, and Nitrox intends […]

It’s not often that the combination of two ecosystems is so revolutionary as what we are seeing with the merging of the Metaverse with the gaming world, and Nitrox intends to fully take this chance to develop its own take on a universally appreciated niche.


While every project is a bit different from others in the same niche, in the case of Nitrox Racing the situation is more complex than usual. From our perspective, like many of the other projects that just recently joined the Synapse Network, Nitrox has what it takes to thrive in the digital world, especially from a business point of view: a strong team of core developers, a brilliant idea that shines with potential, the capability to plan for the long term and the ability to create a network of connection that covers their paint points, plus all the other bells and whistles of a company that Synapse views as a good associate for long term cooperation.

What Nitrox does differently, stands specifically in its chosen niche, and in all the potential ramifications that its success may mean for already established houses in the mainstream market. By merging the gaming genre of racing, with the P2E integrations brought in by DeFi Technology and, more importantly, by the Metaverse, we can see an entirely new world of opportunities open up for their long-term success. 

Metaverse technology is still budding, but we may soon see AR integrations that would bring to this particular niche a level of realism only seen in simulators, for basically no price. 

This would not only lead to a massive threat to the costly gaming world of high-end simulating machines, but it would also pull many of the fans who lost interest in mainstream games back into the fold of passionate users, signifying the important resurgence of an entire genre of entertainment. 

As such, Nitrox Racing situation can be considered unique, and Synapse is determined to help them reach the apex of their potential in their chosen ecosphere.


Having already established the position of Nitrox team on the market, the challenges posed in front of us are fairly simple to tackle, at least at the start. Such a strong project needs all the funding necessary to ensure that its technology is up to the challenge, and a wide network of connections to ensure that its initial growth period isn’t stifled by lacklustre coordination between marketing and community development efforts. In regards to marketing, the outreach will be exponentially more important than the campaigns themselves, since Nitrox brings to the table a product that is essentially the dream of a wide chunk of the gaming market, even if it’s a dream still in its infancy stages.


The first step we would take would be solidifying the coordination between marketing, community development, and long-term roadmap integrations, by pairing the core Nitrox team with our own Advisors, focusing on the development of a network of connections, and on the infrastructural development necessary for a DeFi project to succeed. Meanwhile, the Synapse VC fund would be ready to shoulder the initial funding needed for Nitrox Racing to properly start their journey in the Web3/Metaverse landscape, working to efficiently tackle the objective we identified as crucial ahead of the next technological revolution in space. 


As we mentioned at the start of this case study, Nitrox Racing position is fairly unique at the moment. The initial phases of our collaboration went really well, with the implementation of the Synapse VC funding liquidity into their system giving their project a boost at the start of their development, something that they have shown plenty of with their website integrations and their recent updates. 

We are looking forward to the next market cycle because we are sure that Nitrox will have a lot to show by then, both to their community and the Meta Gaming ecosystem. 

Synapse also believes that Nitrox is going to put up a good show of the more difficult-to-understand changes that the Metaverse is capable of bringing to the entertainment and videogame industry, promoting more funding to go towards the faster development of Metaverse technologies, AR integrations, and NFT P2E gaming.