Animal Concerts


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Synapse Network and Animal Concerts are about to change the music scene forever.

Synapse\'s partnership with Animal Concerts is the first step taken in the road to give back to artists and consumers agency in the musical entertainment market

Platform allocation

200 000$





Synapse’s partnership with Animal Concerts is the first step taken in the road to give back to artists and consumers agency in the musical entertainment market. 


Animal Concerts creates a revolutionary solution for the current streaming and hosting music entertainment market. With Hosting companies holding the rains of many A level and emerging artists, a large portion of revenue is held out of the creator’s hands. By connecting audiences and artists together, Animal Concerts provides a 360-degree solution, while also supplementing the Metaverse experience of both users and creators with the latest Meta NFT integrations. 


The current shape of the market is oversaturated with lacklustre solutions, as well as below standard integrations. Animal Concert needs to create a sizable increase in industry quality standards while supporting the solid infrastructure they need to build with up to pair secondary and tertiary features. The interconnectivity web that must be developed needs to account for most of the solutions currently on the market and for the ones that are primed to come in the medium term. 


With Synapse cross-chain integrations and Animal Concert solid Metaverse technology, the quality standards of the Animal Concert framework surpasses industry marks easily, and thanks to Synapse VC fund intervention since the earliest phases of development the infrastructure built for Animal Concert is the most polished on the market. Short and medium-term goals have an already established roadmap that is being successfully followed thanks to the collaboration between Synapse Advisory Support and the Animal Concerts’ own team of experts. 


Synapse’s collaboration with Animal Concert has seen a lot of successes already. Starting from core building to features deployment, the Synapse VC fund has provided the fuel necessary to create a solid infrastructure to work on for the amazing Metaverse team. 


By supplying this fuel with another $200 k Raised from the Synapse Launchpad, coupled with the advisory roles covered by Synapse Support, the Animal Concert roadmap has reached and surpassed all the short term goals, is accomplishing the medium-term objective necessary for a smooth transition to the global market and has clear long term plans implemented to succeed in implementing their vision. 


Animal Concert is ready to take the entertainment market by storm, and create a free and fair environment for users and artists to thrive in, with QoL features added to tweak and customize the experience at every different digital event. 


The solid and secure framework built together with Synapse guarantees a profound foundation for the Animal Concert team to work with, and with the support network deployed to ensure the success of the more distant goals, this collaboration is only looking to get deeper.