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Synapse Network Partners with ERTHA.

Synapse VC (Venture Capital) partners with Revolutionary Fantasy Metaverse ERTHA in high yield investing manoeuvre.

Synapse VC (Venture Capital) partners with Revolutionary Fantasy Metaverse ERTHA in high yield investing manoeuvre. 


The ERTHA Metaverse brings to the table a complete fantasy world with real-world mechanics implemented, instead of Sims-like architecture as other previously established Metaverses. The market value of a Metaverse MMO is unlimited, and ERTHA has already shown great promise both with their long term planning, their technology, and most recently with their HUOBI Global listing.


Competing with already established entities in the market while maintaining and exceeding the same level of quality already displayed by the older projects. Additionally, as the Asian market in particular has been less involved with the Metaverse revolution, a really important aspect of newer implementation will be the acquisition of agency over the eastern countries.


Maintain the core level of development stable by bolstering the marketing and community development capabilities of ERTHA thanks to the collaboration with the Synapse Network, while also facilitating the acquisition of parts of the eastern market due to the combination of Synapse investments, their wide reach in the Asian ecosphere,  and the particularly strong starting position of ERTHA as a product in the Asian market. 


One of the best approaches going forward will be possible only due to the nature of the ERTHA Metaverse. While both Sandbox and Decentraland are taking the direction of Sim like ecosystems, ERTHA aims to become a fantasy world with real-world mechanics implemented into every interaction between players, complete with PVP, large scale PVP, raid mechanics and various other MMORPG elements. 


This opens up massive opportunities for the Asian market, which has primed the main age groups a Metaverse like ERTHA is targeting with various kinds of related media for the better part of the last decade. The Synapse Network has already helped multiple projects enter this difficult to navigate ecosphere, and with the advantage ERTHA has, this move will prove to be less difficult than it would be for the older projects.

This effort will result in having the first take on a really receptive userbase, while the collaboration between the ERTHA and Synapse marketing team will bring to force an expanded marketing network with capillary reach over Europe and the U.S. 


The Synapse Network VC Fund will help ERTHA lay a solid foundation for the long term implementation of their technology, both with concrete investments and with the aid of their far-reaching marketing network.