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UpOnly and Synapse coordinate their effort to empower the DeFi Gaming and Meta ecosystems.

UpOnly unique approach to Metadata analyses, P2E, W2E and DeFi gaming integrations opens up a slew of opportunities for projects just now coming into the defi world, and for users […]

Platform allocation

280 000





UpOnly unique approach to Metadata analyses, P2E, W2E and DeFi gaming integrations opens up a slew of opportunities for projects just now coming into the defi world, and for users looking to take the next step into the digital world. 


UpOnly is a digital ecosystem in which users are able to optimize their investment choices based strictly on chain-data analysis and readily available, transparent overviews of Metaverse, Gaming, P2E, and W2E integrations. Up-Only technology is combined with their launchpad to create a solid space for both long-term investors and people just now joining the Web3 universe.


Like many other projects that Synapse has been happy to screen in the past few months, UpOnly quality baseline is really high, with a solid team of developers at its back and a long-term goal in sight. As it often is in this period of the market, what we needed to bring to UpOnly was a stream of faithful investors and an initial boost to their economy, without negatively affecting the organic growth of their project or their previously mentioned long-term strategical manoeuvres. 


With the additional challenge of having to integrate our own services with the UpOnly set of features to bolster further future collaborations, we used the Synapse Advisory services to empower the initial period of development while also weaving the Synapse VC fund liquidity into the UpOnly roadmap. Further stabilization was needed, and the Synapse Launchpad would be the best solution for short to medium-term organic growth, thanks also to the groundwork previously laid by the Synapse Advisory Services collaborating with the UpOnly team. 


Starting from the beginning, Synapse knew that UpOnly would be a really strong addition to the Network. Collaborating with their team during the implementation of Synapse Advisory services had led us to a lot of improvements, and everyone has been very receptive to the changes during our time together. 

Both teams seamlessly integrated UpOnly plans of reaching their short-term goals for its initial launch, with Synapse’s long-term vision of the project. By combining Synapses’ experts with the resources provided by our VC Fund, the initial building phase proceeded without hiccups, and both projects were ready to kickstart the next stage of development with the introduction of UpOnly on the Synapse Launchpad. 

Introduction that was a massive success, accruing more than 2400 new investors, totalling 280 000 $ raised for the project, liquidity that went directly into improving existing features and into building new integrations, solidifying up only position in the DeFi space even more. 

We have been very happy to see the level of professionalism and competence shown by the Up Only team, and we are proud to say that together we managed to really kick their project growth into overdrive. 

We can’t wait to see what their next steps are, because we are sure that they will shake up their niche in the market, bringing some much-needed improvements to P2E and W2E, two sectors that have been showing a lot of potential that can’t be realized yet due to the low quality of many of the projects present into that space. 

Synapse and UpOnly initial collaboration have been a resounding success, and we can’t wait to cooperate again with them in the future, as they are another valuable addition to Synapse’s wide array of partners.