Break all barriers to Connect DeFi.

At the Synapse Network, we give our business partners the opportunity to participate in advanced technology programs and access to the best solutions on the market. For us, every project deserves to reach its full potential and needs its own tailored plan to thrive.

Connect all of DeFi together with Synapse.

Synapse cross-chain technology connects all the projects in the Network, enabling users to access multiple fields of the crypto world with just a few taps in the same easy to use, streamlined platform. Enter Synapse and explore the entirety of DeFi.

Enter the digital world with a couple of clicks thanks to the Network Interface.

Synapse has built the most user-friendly framework available in DeFi. Discover our launchpad, VC and tech labs, and enjoy a seamless experience while building your own foundation in the DeFi world.

Explore the crypto ecosystem with our cross-chain solutions.

With Synapse cross-chain solutions, the crypto world becomes an interconnected, interoperable ecosystem, instead of the disjointed, complicated field that it grew up to be since the inception of digital currencies.

Learn and grow with Synapse Advisory support.

Synapse doesn’t help your growth while leaving you behind. Our advisors are here to develop your own knowledge of the crypto ecosystem as much as they are here to develop your project to its best possible iteration.

Never worry about your movements with our anti-bot solutions.

Synapse Security Network is a 360-degree solution that protects all members of the Network, users and investors alike. Our antibots ensure seamless transaction security, with our oracles services providing unbreachable data storage.

Incubate the future with Synapse VC Fund.

Synapse VC doesn’t only take care of funding, it also ensures that your projects are polished products before launch. We cover every base to provide the best possible development of your project, from core building to mainnet integration.

Influence DeFi in a simple, straightforward manner.

Simply by becoming part of the Network you become part of the DeFi revolution. Discover what DeFi can become when security, connectivity and interoperability aren’t issues anymore, and build this new market together with us.

Look forward to the future of DeFi Tech with Synapse Labs.

Blockchain technology has already innovated how the digital market works. Glimpse at what is yet to come, with the Synapse Tech Labs and become one of the early adopters of a new age of a more secure, connected and stable DeFi ecosystem.