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The Synapse Network VC Fund will fuel the growth of your project in every aspect, from community development to tech building and funding endeavors.

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Synapse Method

Contact Synapse Network to start your Journey
Synapse Network will help you with project growth from the foundational stages. Achieve the best possible results thanks to our vast array of tools. Take the first step towards success by contacting us at the Synapse Network VC.
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Synapse Network internal review
The Synapse Network team will review your project, analyzing every detail about your team, technology, future business, and development plans, theory-crafting the best possible marketing strategies and community boosters while preparing a tailored plan to improve your strengths and cover your needs.
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Synapse Network approval
After the review process, we are more than enough to go on to help your project with growth. To formalize everything, you will be presented with the necessary documentation to proceed with every formal aspect of our cooperation.
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Synapse Network is at your back
The Synapse Network is now ready to support you with every step of your development. From funding to dedicated sessions with our experts or connecting you with other valuable partners. We will give you access to all the tools needed to express the full potential of your project.
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Tech help

Synapse Network tech support extends to every one of our partners. Experience a new age of Web3 building with a set of specialized tools including smart contract building, anti-bot, vesting, staking, and much more!


Legal support

The Synapse Network doesnโ€™t only take care of all the problems in the digital world. Our legal partners will support you in the various mainstream integrations needed for project success by providing ample legal advice for your journey.


Security audits

Each project we are supporting goes through rigorous testing that enables us to check the security of your smart contracts. Every possible crack in your project defenses will be analyzed and corrected.



We will not be just your backers, but we will actively participate in your project development. Our team is ready to advise you with tokenomics support, business model implementation, and growth plan backing to ensure the success of your project.



By becoming a part of Synapse Network, you will gain the full potential of our network of connections. We will present your project to potentially interested business partners as well as potential investors.
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Grow your project with Synapse Network!

Do you wanna be highlighted on the Synapse Network launchpad? Or maybe you are interested in our tech solutions? Contact us and describe your project, vision, and needs! The Synapse Network team will help you achieve your business goals and together we will bring your project to the next level.

We reserve the right to contact only chosen projects.