We fuel the change

The Synapse VC Fund will fuel the growth of your project in every aspect, from community development, to tech building and funding.

Our core tenets

Synapse innovation


Synapse VC fund will help you with the growth and development of your innovative project, letting you focus on core building while Synapse will make sure that every infrastructural need is taken care of. Build the new era of DeFi with Synapse VC.

Synapse capillarity


Synapse VC has been built with the backing of a wide array of global connections, and with that same network we will help you enter every market that needs your product, while building a capillar community thanks to our international team of specialists.

Synapse accessibility


Synapse VC is directly correlated with the Synapse Network. As such, all of the cross-chain integrations are shared with the VC, letting the project founder choose the best possible network for the development of their projects.

Synapse security


Synapse VC uses the most advanced solutions to ensure the security of all of our users. Transactions are fast and efficient thanks to our cross-chain technology, and all of our members IDOs, ICOs and INOs are protected by our anti-bots.

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Synapse Method

Contact Synapse to start your Journey
Synapse helps with project growth since the funding stages, achieve the best possible results thanks to our vast array of tools, take the first steps towards success by contacting us at the Synapse VC Fund.
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Synapse internal review
Synapse will review your project, analyzing every details about your technology, team, community and core development, while preparing a tailored plan to improve your strengths and cover your weaknesses.
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Synapse approval
After the review and analytical phases, The Network has more than enough to go on to help your project growth. To formalize everything, you will be presented with the necessary documentation to proceed with the funding.
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Synapse at your back
With every step of the process taken care of, Synapse is ready to proceed with your funding, and to give you access to all the tools needed to express the full potential of your project.
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Tech help

Synapse tech support extends to every one of our partners. Experience a new age of DeFi with our anti-bot solutions, our faster than ever transactions and our unbreachable data protocols, all available to each member of the Synapse Network.


Legal support

Synapse doesnโ€™t only take care of all the problems of the digital world, we also offer full support in the various mainstream integrations. Thanks to our legal team, our partners will be able to freely deploy their technology without any bureaucratical issues.


Security Audits

Each project of the Network goes through rigorous testing, being put against the same framework of reference of Synapse security. Every possible crack in your project defenses will be analyzed and corrected with the Network technology.



Synapse cross-chain technology gives unparalleled flexibility to each member of the network and partners, with more features added with every update, to guarantee capillary access to every ecosystem of the DeFi world.



Thanks to Synapse's vast partner network, all of our oracle technology is the best available on the market, with our Tech partners having access to easy scalability, fast and efficient off-chain data and the most robust security of the DeFi world.
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Grow your project with Synapse

Do you wanna be highlighted on the Synapse Launchpad? Or maybe you are interested in our technology solutions? Contact us and describe your project, your vision and your needs. Synapse will help you achieve your goals and together we will bring your project to the next level.

We reserve the right to contact only chosen projects.