Synapse Network. Enter the world of easy investments !

The Synapse Network is the first-ever cross-chain launchpad with a built-in Omnichain token structure thanks to the $zkSNP. Our revolutionary features will give you the chance to invest in early-stage projects with our zero-knowledge tech features. Start your crypto journey today!

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The first-ever Omnichain launchpad token

The $zkSNP token's journey began on zkSync, but it’s ready to conquer more networks! Why is Omnichain the future?

It revolutionizes asset protection, data analysis, and functionality exchange across blockchains.


The Synapse Network launchpad is the host of multiple innovative projects that are looking to change their respective ecosystems in a significant manner. Users can easily participate in IDOs thanks to our cross-chain technology.
  • The Synapse Network lowers the crypto world entry barrier by providing an easy-to-use platform and a friendly interface for all new users to approach.
  • Our research team is looking carefully for the best projects to bring TOP projects to our community.
  • Our easy-to-understand staking solution provides fair rules to participate in IDOs and other offerings.
  • The Synapse Network cross-chain features will enable you to easily invest using 17 different chains and bring unparalleled freedom of choice to your community.

Synapse Network VC

Synapse Network Venture Capital is the all-in-one solution to ensure optimal, organic, and sustainable project growth. Our VC doesn’t only provide funding and advisory services, it also opens up entry to the global market thanks to our vast array of contacts.
  • The Synapse Network provides a whole web of connections to multiple globally active market leaders, seed investors, and present users.
  • Our VC will support you with additional analytical, structural, and technological support to ensure your constant growth is never stunted
  • Additional marketing support, including marketing advisory sessions to ensure your community will grow as monumentally as your project
  • Our experts will also support you with community building, alongside community management support to improve your community involvement

Synapse Network Tech Labs

The Synapse Network Tech Labs aims to solve the multiple pain points of the disjointed Web3 space. We are lowering the barrier of entry for new startups thanks to several different tools predefined to solve common problems.
  • Smart contract creation to ensure your tokens are working fluently, including vesting or staking contracts.
  • Multiple anti-bot solutions ensure the safety of your investors during the listing process and all future events.
  • Easy-to-navigate decentralized applications, including the claiming dApps or vesting dApps for the ease of access of your users.
  • Flexible implementations tailored to the needs of each project if you necessitate custom work done on any of your pain points.

Team core

Michał Domarecki

Michał Domarecki

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Has been involved in crypto-
currencies for over 7 years. Founder of Gems Reviews and ambassador of, serial enterpreneur and advisor in top crypto projects.

Wojciech Litwin

Wojciech Litwin

Chief Technology Officer

An experienced, hands-on code software architect with over 15 years of experience and dozens of certificates in his portfolio. Crypto enthusiasts.

Andrzej Korczyński

Andrzej Korczyński

Chief Product Officer

Experienced Project and Product Manager with over 10 years of experience in development and management. Enthusiast of NFT projects and Metaverse.

Katarzyna Goldmann

Katarzyna Goldmann

Marketing Executive

Marketing, PR and digital expert with 6 years of experience in the traditional market. Supporting projects from blockchain, Web3 and DeFi sector for 2 years.

Piotr Grzesiakowski

Piotr Grzesiakowski

Community & Helpdesk Manager

Crypto and stock market investor since 2018, DApps & Blockchain smart contracts manual tester, has experience in banking, marketing and social management.

20 years of experience

5 already built startups

Worldwide team

Solid network of connections