Synapse Network. The financial revolution begins now.

The Synapse Network is a new-era financial institution created by combining the best aspects of mainstream finance, with the best features that blockchain technology can bring to the table.



Looking at the blockchain ecosystem as a whole, Synapse found that many of the revolutionary aspects of DeFi were being diminished by foundational problems. Low security afforded to both users and projects, problems of connectivity, the high barrier of entry and a limited amount of ways to access various fields of the market, with one of the limiting factors being the lack of truly capillary multi-chain solutions. Those limiting factors are a problem that Synapse is looking to solve for the betterment of the Defi world as a whole.


The Network has found that many of the user-related problems stem from security and connectivity issues. This, combined with the somewhat complicated investment process for many projects dissuades new entries from starting their journey on this market. The lack of easy to use interfaces able to connect with multiple projects at once also lowers the number of interested users, and the ones determined enough to go through the learning process are faced with a lot of opportunities, with no clear way to begin tailoring a plan for their investment or entrepreneurial endeavours.


Synapse has built a 360-degree ecosystem that gives a clear solution to all of the pain points analysed. With our anti-bot solution, transactions have never been more secure, and thanks to our oracle technology, off-chain data are unbreachable. Synapse cross-chain integrations have created a vast network of easily interoperable projects, and with everything on the same platform, the barrier of entry for new users has been lowered to just pressing a couple of buttons. Synapse has already taken the first steps, and the DeFi ecosystem is already starting to join the Revolution.

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Roadmap Roadmap

1 February
Beta version of new Synapse Platform.
Explore modern design and new opportunities!
15 February
New way of Refunds.
From now on we will return unused funds on a single network and use a single stablecoin - BSC-BUSD. This simplifies tracking your returns and will allow us to add return information directly in the Dapp.
22 February
Synapse goes mobile.
Faster, easier & closer to your needs! Invest in the best projects while on holiday or at your favorite restaurant.
10 March
Next step in the financial revolution!
Synapse Network is your window to the world of cryptocurrencies. From now on, you can buy not only stablecoins but also other cryptocurrencies directly for FIAT on the Synapse Network platform. Revolution is now. Prepare!!
Fresh and new Synapse website
Explore the Synapse project in detail. Get information about partnership opportunities, technological advantages and stories of projects we've helped achieve their goals. Learn more about the benefits of Synapse Network and explore the potential of Synapse Technical Labs.
New level of staking!
The best and the most advanced staking on the market is already here. Choose your own path and level up into the new areas of possibilities. Earn multiple bonuses for every period of staking. Choose higher APR or better allocation bonuses.
Time to reward our community!
Time to reward our community! It's time to appreciate the activity of our community. Every activity - earn social points for promoting Synapse. Write articles, create graphics and create youtube videos. Exchange points for additional allocations, participate in the draw of great prizes such as sweatshirts, t-shirts or crypto hardware wallets.
Cross-chain goes bigger!
Another expansion of the largest Cross-Chain launchpad in the history of cryptocurrencies. Investment opportunities are expanded with another batch of new networks.
The freedom of choice!
The financial revolution goes one step further. From now on, you can buy virtually any cryptocurrency on the Synapse platform.
More opportunities available!
You don't believe in stablecoins? Or maybe you don't have them in your wallet? From now on, you can invest directly in any projects with native cryptocurrencies. Invest with Ethererum, BNB, Matica and many more.
Yield farming available.
Stack Synapse Network tokens and earn even more. From now on, we enable yield farming. For every $SNP token you will receive tokens from other partners' projects as a reward.
Launchpad for crypto-newbies!
The financial revolution is striking again. This time we will support crypto-newbies. Use a payment card and the platform will guide you through the entire buy, stake and investment process.
Donโ€™t wait for the listing!
Need money? Don't wait for a listing. Sell โ€‹โ€‹tokens from your allocation now thanks to advanced OTC sales mechanisms. Did you earn a lot after listing? Sell โ€‹โ€‹the remaining OTC tokens and invest in other new projects.
Going through Solana!
The time has come for Solana. From now on, Synapse Network supports all relevant Solana wallets.
Safety goes first!
Do you have more than one wallet? Connect all of them to the platform and invest from the chosen ones. From now on, you are not limited to one wallet. If you don't have a hardware wallet, you can invest in each project from a separate wallet to increase your security.
Want to try a different wallet?
From now on, Synapse Network becomes even more flexible - we support even more wallets on the platform.
Hello LUNAtics!
Integration with Terra Luna is here!
We give our community a voice. With a governance token, each holder will be able to actively participate in the decision-making process and in setting the direction for the platform.
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The Synapse Launchpad is the host of multiple innovative projects that are looking to change their respective ecosystem in significant manners. Users are able to easily invest in their preferred niched thanks to Synapse cross-chain technology.
  • Synapse lowers the usual barrier of entry by presenting an easy to use interface for each project.
  • Only the best in their field are able to join the Network Launchpad.
  • The tiered system guarantees a fair allocation of the project's sales.
  • Synapse anti-bot solutions protect users from flash sales and unstable IDOs.
  • Synapse cross-chain and fiat solutions are able to remove any accessibility issue.

Synapse Venture Capital

Synapse VC Fund is an all-in-one solution to ensure the best possible project growth. Synapse VC doesnโ€™t only provide funding and advisory work, it also opens up entry to the global market.
  • Synapse provides multiple cross-chain integrations to ensure high levels of accessibility from the start.
  • Full analytical, structural and technological support.
  • Community building and development tools, alongside community management support.
  • Large liquidity funding is applied to cover the projects weak points and improve the core features.
  • Access to the global market and fast scalability thanks to Synapse oracle network.

Synapse Tech Labs

The Network Tech Labs aim to solve the multiple pain points of the disjointed DeFi ecosystem. Thanks to features, the barrier of entry for new investors to the DeFi world has been significantly lowered. Synapse Tech Labs are the fire that fuels the DeFi revolution.
  • Synapse cross-chain integrations have created a never before seen network of connected projects and features.
  • The fastest and most secure oracle services provide all Synapse partners with smooth solutions for scalability and interconnectivity.
  • Multiple anti-bot solutions ensure that users are always protected.
  • DeFi, Metaverse and NFT interoperability all on the same platform.
  • Flexible implementations are tailored for each project to manage, store and transfer data.


Witness the first-hand results of the Synapse Team, a roster composed only by the best experts of their fields, with more than 20 years of experience in tech-building, project development, community management, infrastructural architecture and logistical support.

Together we have built an internatonal team of specialists, originated from every angle of the globe, that are behind the success of 5 different startups operating on a global scale.

20 years of experience

5 already built startups

Worldwide team

Solid network of connections